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Anti-corruption• Борьба с коррупцией support of business and investments

Anti-corruption• Борьба с коррупцией support of business and investments

21 ноября 2020, 00:53 6

Protection of business and investments from corruption• Борьба с коррупцией pressure and
administrative barriers today is one of the key priorities of the state.

In this direction, the Anti-Corruption• Борьба с коррупцией Agency together with NCE "Atameken" is
implementing the Protecting business and investments project.

Today, about 600 projects totaling more than 12.7 trillion tenge are under the
Agency s anti-corruption• Борьба с коррупцией support.

Foreign capital is present in every fifth project. The activities of the
companies are related to various industries, agriculture, construction,
energy, as well as trade, tourism, transport and education.

The fundamental condition for anti-corruption• Борьба с коррупцией support is joining an agreement
in which an investor - foreign as well as domestic - undertakes to conduct an
honest business.

An analysis of the problematic issues that entrepreneurs and investors apply
to showed that they mainly relate to obtaining investor visas, licenses,
taxation, customs duties, unscheduled inspections and land relations.

Achievement of certain successes in resolving these issues is primarily due to
constructive cooperation and operational interaction between the Agency and
the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken".

So, for example, in Nur-Sultan, "Tamos Space School" LLP, while building a
private School of Space Technologies on a leased land plot, encountered
problems related to the registration of permits in local executive bodies.

After applying for support to the Agency s capital department and
concluding the Agreement, the issues were resolved positively in the shortest
possible time.

In East Kazakhstan region "Sunnkar" LLP for about 2 years could not obtain a
license for the extraction of sand and gravel mixture at one of the fields in
the region.

During the consideration of this appeal within the framework of the PBI
project, working meetings were held with the authorized bodies, as a result of
which the issue of issuing a license to LLP was resolved positively, the
liquidation plan was agreed and approved.

In the Pavlodar region, a collective appeal was received from the members of
the SEC "Urlyutyub" with a complaint against the local executive bodies of the
Zhelezinsky region, who transferred the pasture lands of the SEC to another
legal entity without competitive procedures. a person under irrigated crops.

The arguments of the applicants were confirmed, as a result of which the
akimat of Zhelezinsky district brought these lands to their original position.
The rights of the SEC members have been restored.

In the same area, Jet Logistic LLP turned to the PBI project office with a
complaint about the actions of the customs service in connection with the
detention of a vehicle with cargo in the Shcherbakty region.

Employees of Anticor together with the project office "Ertis - Adaldyk alany"
held a meeting with the participation of customs officers, problematic issues
were resolved. Assistance was rendered to the entrepreneur and the cargo was
delivered to the final point.

In the Zhambyl region, an entrepreneur filed a complaint that the Department
of Architecture and Urban Development of the Akimat of Taraz city sent a
statement of claim to the city court for the demolition of his building.

During the monitoring conducted by the Department of the Agency and a special
monitoring group, it turned out that in 2019, the Department of Architecture
and Urban Planning sent a total of 19 claims to the court demanding the
demolition of the building in connection with violations of the rules of the
"red line", moreover, they were filed selectively.

The court did not satisfy the statement of claim, since these objects had all
the necessary permits and documents, that is, the structures were built

Thus, in order to protect the legal rights of entrepreneurs and citizens, the
Department made a recommendation to exclude the practice of filing claims for
the demolition of buildings already built, with the exception of those for
which there are no permits. After the intervention of the Department, all
claims were withdrawn and the entrepreneurs continue their activities.

If you have any questions on how to apply for anticorrosive support and join
the agreement, you can contact the project office coordinators by phone +7
(707) 350-63-07 and +7 (701) 575-40-37 (WhatsApp).

They will ensure your meeting with the employees of Antikor and the regional
chamber of entrepreneurs in the corresponding service center "Antikor
Ortalyǵy" at the territorial departments of the Agency.

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